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A story of freshness

green leaves on a dark background
an image of Lisa the owner of The Basket Case

MeeT Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa, the Basket Case.


While this may sound like a severe judgement on my mental soundness, it's just a pun. I love puns. I made Dad jokes before Dad jokes were a thing. I'm a wife of 17 years to a super amazing man, mother to 3 kids- ages from 16 to 4, and keeper of the pets (2 cattle dogs, 2 cats, and a beta fish with more health problems than I can count.) We all go 100% from the time we wake up until we go to bed- sports, dance, school, church, friends, business. This summer I drove 100 miles a day for almost 2 weeks straight! I'm pretty sure my carbon footprint was the size of Bigfoot's! Okay, well maybe the term, basket case, has some air of truth to it!


How did the business, "The Basket Case", come to be?

Well several years ago, I went to a friend's sister's house for a make and take party for essential oils. I had already been looking into essential oils but I loved the comradery of this event, and I love supporting my people and their business ventures. I bought my first essential oil starter kit from Young Living and there was no going back. After a few years, I had amassed quite the collection of oils and was wondering what I could do with them. That was the first year that I started making some of the products I sell at my store. I then started making baskets to donate to fundraisers for different schools and churches. The following Christmas I started selling baskets to help pay for my families own Christmas presents, from there, The Basket Case was born!


I still use the profits to help with Christmas presents but as the business grows it will also help buy new track shoes, pointe shoes and bobby pins, gas in the car, tuition for college, and hopefully braces for everyone! I cannot thank you enough for your support of my shop. I look forward to getting to know my customers and building relationships with you!



Our mission is to provide high quality bath, body and home products made from natural ingredients and packaged in reusable containers.

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